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Frequently Asked Questions

+ Why do you request that your clients edit their own closet first before meeting with you?

I have learned through practice that every woman knows her closet best and, if she doesn’t, then this is a crucial first step in the process. Editing your closet at your leisure and on your own time allows you to refresh your memory of what you own, figure out what you love/hate/are not sure about, try on and discard anything that does not fit, and weed out what is out of style. This exercise forces you think critically about the clothes you already own as well as the clothes you need/want to round out your wardrobe. Once you have completed this exercise and come to some preliminary decisions about the clothes you already own, our editing session will be more focused and more time efficient. The goal is to accomplish this joint editing session in one hour leaving 6-7 hours for the subsequent shopping and styling sessions.

+ How long is the process from start (joint editing session) to finish (styling session)?

The initial Style it Forward package consists of three sessions for a combined total of 8 hours. All three sessions should be completed in 6-8 weeks.

+ Do you ever shop without the client?

Yes, but I prefer to shop with the client for the first shopping session so that I can gain an understanding of what you like (styles, colors, designers, etc) and what looks good on you. After the first shopping session, I would be comfortable shopping without you. In this case, I could either send you photos of possible purchases or make the purchases on your behalf. (However, you would be charged an hourly fee for any shopping sessions beyond the 4 hours that are included in the package.)

+ What if I need help finding an outfit for a special occasion?

I would be happy to help you with this task but it is not included in the initial package price. There would be an additional hourly charge for this service.

+ Why do you include a styling session in the package?

Over time, I’ve discovered that many women lack confidence or experience putting outfits together or creating new combinations for new looks. I want you to wear your clothes in many different ways to maximize their usefulness and their shelf life. I want you to learn how to put together the new clothes with clothes that you already own and love to create new looks. I can do that best by showing you in person which pieces to put together with your favorites to create new and fresh ways to wear them. I can also take photos or provide written descriptions of each outfit relieving you of the necessity of remembering on your own.

+ When are you available to provide these services?

I have a flexible schedule and generally am available on weekdays and weekends.

“Fashion has always been a repetition of ideas. But what makes it new is the way you put it together." -Carolina Herrera